Sailing Pembrokeshire-Welcome to Pembrokeshire Tourism

Sailing Pembrokeshire

As you would expect in a county which has the sea on three sides of it and a coastline stretching some 250 miles Sailing and the sea is not only a leisure pursuit but a way of life for many.
You will find sailing clubs, water sports schools, chartered boats, and fishing villages all along its entire length.

- If you wish to learn to sail or you are a competent sailor.
- If you own a boat or want to buy a boat.
- If you want to go fishing with your own boat or take one of the many trips available.
- If you want to take a pleasure cruise or tear around the Islands and coves on a fast very fast rubber dingy.
- Pembrokeshire has it all.
Stay safe on the coast. If you see someone in difficulties do not put yourself at risk when trying to rescue them. Be aware of the following. 

Saftey At the Coast

1 Dial 999 ask for Coastguard. 

2  Be aware of the weather. 

3 Be aware of tides and local currents. 

4 Supervise children at all times.

5 Keep away from slippery slopes and cliffs.

6 Do not swim after eating or drinking alcohol. 

7b Always let someone know where you are going and for how long. IN BOATS. Always know your vessels and crew limitations.

7b Carry spare fuel and an extra method of propulsion, e.g. sail or oars.

7c Always check that everything is in working order and well maintained before setting out. 

7b Always carry survival kit, especially life jackets for each member of your crew and carry flares.

                              Harbour Contacts.

- Saundersfoot Harbour Office 01834 811620. 

- Tenby Harbour Office 01834 842717 

- Lower Fishguard Harbour Master 01348 874726 (if unable get a reply on this number please use the Tenby Number above) 

- Neyland Yacht Club 01646 601601 

Milford Marina 01646 696312. Fax 01646 696314.